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After such a nice day on Sunday things started going downhill in the evening. By that I mean I found myself getting a little bored and unusually tired. I decided to have an early night and started upstairs at around 9.30 but by the time my head hit the pillow it was around 10.15. I had the television on whilst I was getting ready for bed, something that has become a habit over the years and there was an interesting program on the channel I’d switched to so I watched it until 11.00 and then nodded off to sleep. I awoke about three times after that until finally at 0430 I had to get out of bed and stay out. I just couldn’t sleep any longer. After my ablutions I dressed and went downstairs but decided not to apply my make-up until I had eaten a breakfast, something I was determined to have that morning having skipped breakfast for a few days. I wanted to wait until daylight to put on my make-up which would have been after 6 o’clock. I prepared some porridge with sultanas in it. I poured on the milk then added some blueberries. This is how I eat porridge. I had the last of the fruit and vegetable drinks I wrote about yesterday (Sunday), this time it was beetroot, cucumber and lemon! Just as I placed the bowl on the table I noticed E had written a short note telling me that a leak had developed in the airing cupboard upstairs in our new bathroom. I ate my breakfast then went to investigate thinking to myself all the possibilities where a leak could occur and hoping it was accessible. I opened the door to the airing cupboard and saw that E had placed some containers beneath a dripping valve but they were now full. The leaking valve was part of the pipework supplying the towel rail/radiator on the bathroom side of the wall and it was accessible. What do I do now I thought? First, go into the loft and shut off the water supply to the header tank supplying the radiator system. Second, go into the garage for some tools stored in the van. Third, switch off the heating controls (though the heating doesn’t switch on until 8 o’clock), Fourth, fit a length of hose pipe on the boiler drain cock in the cellar and drain off half the system. Fifth, remove the faulty valve and replace it. Finally, carry out all the previous stages in reverse then going around each of the radiators to bleed off any trapped air. I had started the process at 0640 and when I next looked at the clock it was 0720. All this before setting out to do my electrical work, though the first job wasn’t scheduled until 9 o’clock. Still, I never expected to have to do all that on a Monday morning before work! I suppose my going to bed early was for a reason.

Update: Although the leak was fixed the radiator now doesn’t get hot and I will have to leave it that way until we have finished using the central heating (usually sometime in April). I hadn’t realised that the way the pipes are arranged in the airing cupboard there is always the possibility of air becoming trapped and preventing water flow to the radiator, the cause of the present problem. The reason for this decision is that whilst I have the system drained down again to alter the pipe in the airing cupboard to prevent an airlock in the radiator supply pipe in the future I plan to replace some radiator valves around the house and make provision to install a small towel rail heater in the wet room too. I will be better to do everything during one drain-down rather than draining it all down just to cure the airlock in the bathroom radiator supply pipe.

Update 2: It is Thursday morning as I write this. The radiator is now working so I guess the air found its way out of that part of the system. The other work will still get done as and when I can get to it.

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