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English: The Lanes, Brighton
 The Lanes, Brighton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My oh my was I tired on Monday evening but I waited as long as i could before going off to bed. If you remember, I had gotten up very early the previous day. I had two jobs on that day and later went for a meal at the pub. I didn’t stay long after the meal as I might have done had there been any of my acquaintances there. I went home and did a spot of relaxing. As the afternoon wore on I was beginning to get tired, the effects of the meal, my work and the lack of sleep the previous day all taking their toll. I almost slept through the whole night but as usual these days I end up needing the toilet and wake up in the middle of the night. Monday night was no exception. I don’t remember if I dreamed during the first half of the night but I know I did in the second half, which I now describe. I was at a seaside resort which was remarkably like Brighton (on the south coast of England for those not living here). Brighton has an area in the town called ‘The Lanes‘, a close community of shops, restaurants, bars and cáfes linked by small streets and passageways, presumably the origin of the name ‘The Lanes’. In my dream I was attending a course of some description though I don’t remember what the course was for. I had to be in attendance at 9 o’clock in the morning or be locked-out and I found myself late and desperately trying to get to the venue on time. However many things in the dream thwarted all my efforts to do that. It was as if obstacles had been placed there deliberately to prevent my being there on time or even at all. I knew the location of the venue but despite my efforts to get there I couldn’t find it. I would enter the street that I knew was right but found that people in my dream kept redirecting me as if they knew I was wrong in my assumptions. I knew I wasn’t wrong but was obliged to follow their directions but when I did follow the instructions I had the same problems in the next location. I ended up rushing here and there trying my best to reach the venue on time and the clock was against me. In the end I got to the venue and was faced with a strict telling off. I woke up and it was still two hours before the time I had set on my alarm. I managed to get to sleep again and woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm but switched it off  before it sounded. I only use the alarm as a back-up for I am usually awake before it goes off. My dreams are seriously mixed-up.

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