English: Main distribution board in old apartm...
Main distribution board in old apartment building, build in 1949. Lot of metal conductive parts are not insulated, so it is danger to work there without rubber (dielectric) gloves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I replaced two distribution boards for an elderly lady living about two miles away on the other side of town. As with anything I do I give a guarantee which means that anything I have fitted or installed will be covered for twelve months thereafter, this applies to my workmanship too. Without making any boasts I can say I very rarely get called back to correct mistakes or replace faulty components. A couple of days after I had done the work there was a problem with her cooker circuit and because repairing the fault was fairly simple to do I didn’t make any charge, after all I had been paid handsomely for the work I had previously done and I didn’t wish to charge for this service even though the problem was not of my making. I assured her that I would respond if she was to discover a fault whether due to the work I had done or not done. Work done by myself within the guarantee period would be carried out free of charge and other work would be done by agreement but at a charge of course. Well the lady called me a few nights ago explaining that she had a shock when switching on a table lamp and could I investigate. I assured her I would be there the following morning to check things out. She gave me the impression that the fault had something to do with work I had done in replacing her distribution boards. When I arrived at her house the first thing I had to do was to inspect the lamp itself and all seemed visually normal except that the flexible cord wasn’t fixed into the plug properly. This however wasn’t the cause of the fault, that lay inside the lamp holder itself where a wire had become loose and had blown apart. I carried out the simple repairs and she asked if the work was covered by my guarantee! I thought that was a little cheeky for the fault had nothing to do with anything I had done, it was simply an isolated event. I charged her very little for repairing the lamp nevertheless and I think she was happy about that. I could have charged twice as much but I am not that mercenary. Again I assured her of my prompt services should she need them in the future. That much I can guarantee.

Shirley Anne