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A Striped Lawn
A Striped Lawn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday was one of those days with nothing planned which enabled me to get a couple of things done for myself. I expected I might get a couple of calls though and indeed that happened during the morning but first I got up quite early with the idea of walking into town in order to buy myself a new bag for everyday use. I carry a handbag during the day so that I can keep paraphernalia to do with my business in it. The one I have been using recently was passed it’s best with the zips finally giving way. I couldn’t close it. There is an indoor market in Southport and a stall there specialises in the sale of bags, purses and the like at very reasonable prices. I had very little to eat for breakfast, a banana and a fruit drink because I planned to eat out later. So I left the house at 8.30 and headed into town. I was a little early for the market to open so I went to a coffee house for a cappuccino and returned twenty minutes later. Almost the first bag I saw was the one I wanted and at £12 for a leather bag I bought it. I didn’t give in to the temptation to stay in town but walked back home for I wanted to mow the lawn. The following couple of days, Saturday and Sunday promised to be very wet and windy and Friday was therefore the best day for mowing the lawn. I might not have had much of an opportunity to mow the lawn during the coming week and it needed mowing. It would be the first cut of the season. Soon I was back home with the lawnmower taken out of storage. I checked that there was enough fuel in the tank and tried to get it started. It took me some time to start but eventually it was ready. The grass was still damp as it was only mid-morning so I raised the wheels for the first pass. Normally during the warmer months I can keep the wheels low for a close cut but when the grass is damp I need to make two passes, lowering the wheels for the second cut if I want it close. I was about halfway through the second cut when my phone rang. It was a request for my electrical services but I couldn’t accommodate. A couple of minutes later I received another call, to connect a new cooker. I accepted that job and told them I would be there about a half-hour later when I had finished cutting the lawn. I drove to the house and discovered that the existing old cooker had been wired directly into a socket circuit, which should never be done but not only that, it had been connected with a cable only suitable for a lighting circuit! The cable would only be capable of carrying a 10 ampere current. An average cooker can use up to 25 amperes at least. That would mean the small cable could burst into flames. There was no dedicated cooker circuit as I had been led to believe and that is what was required. I told the tenant of the house that I wouldn’t be doing that as I don’t usually do such work now if I can avoid it. There are plenty of other electricians in the neighbourhood who can oblige. It is sometimes nice to be able to pick and choose what I do and at my age it is sometimes wise to do so. I returned home and sat it out for an hour or two before walking to the pub for another nice meal there. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced so is it any wonder the place is as popular as it is? This past week I have been there four times! I don’t always get the chance to dine there but lately I have been able to find the time more often. If I have been working hard during the morning and sometimes into the afternoon I don’t much feel like cooking at home and the pub is so handy at such times.

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