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I never wanted to be a plumber. I used to see plumbers and still do, whose overalls or jumpers are covered in a sealing compound like ‘Plumbers Mait’. I used to think ‘What a mucky job that must be else they are simply just untidy workers’. However that can be said for many trades persons, especially those who are decorators whom I think like to decorate themselves in the process. I don’t think I ever met a really dirty electrician though. Now although I would never have dreamed of becoming a plumber I have found having plumbing skills is a definite advantage for anyone wishing to do their own work at home. Over the years I have taken it upon myself to do my own plumbing installations and repairs, starting with small tasks and progressing to full installations in the two houses I have lived in since I left off living with my parents many years ago. Actually, as I recall, I did do some minor plumbing work when I lived with them. They had gone on holiday and whilst they were away from the house I did some much-needed alterations for them in the kitchen which involved a little plumbing. Fortunately they were pleased with the work as it had been done as a surprise. My last major domestic plumbing adventure involved the complete installation of our new bathroom. A minor leak had developed on a valve a few days ago and I carried out the repair but realised that I would have to carry out an alteration that would prevent any future air-locks developing in the pipe work inside the airing cupboard where the leak was located. Although the air lock has now cured itself and the towel rail that was affected is again working normally the alterations will still get done once we are not using the central heating in a few weeks time. Now over the years I have been promising myself that I would drain the system and replace all the radiator valves that have become broken or seized, as one or two of them are. Whilst the system is drained down I will do that work too. I purchased the new valves a couple of days ago with this in mind. So it looks like I will be doing more plumbing in the weeks to come. One thing I forgot to mention too is I have it in mind to install a water-filled radiator/towel rail in the wet room. There used to be an ordinary radiator in the room when it was used as a cloakroom and before then, a bathroom. In the cellar below the old pipe connections still remain though they will need replacing if I am to use them to supply the towel rail I plan to fit. Doing all of this work is fairly easy, it is checking for any subsequent leaks which can be a pain as the system needs to be filled with water again and that might require another drain-down to effect a repair! Did I mention, I hate plumbing? Ha ha. I am much happier being an electrician.

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