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Hayfield at Easter The gates of Hayfield School are closed for the Easter break. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past week many people will have taken the opportunity to have a brief holiday or maybe longer if in their circumstances it was possible. Anytime is possible for me being as I am self-employed and part-time too. Possibly I should be retired but for the moment I am enjoying the fact that I am still able to work because I enjoy it. However if I wanted a break I am in the fortunate position to be able to take one. For some that isn’t possible because of their commitments so they take a break whenever they can. My new neighbours living across the street have done exactly that. They have two small children and can therefore only take a holiday outside of school terms. I suppose if their children were being taught at home or by private tutors they could fit a holiday in at any time. I don’t think that is true in my neighbours case as I often see the mother doing the school run in the mornings. For anyone taking a break in this country this past week and during the approach to Easter the weather has been anything else but fine and sunny though it was sunny all day on Saturday as I wrote this. It is to be expected at this time of year of course but that doesn’t stop people travelling. The problem with this country is its size and its infrastructure for anyone using the roads and rail systems it must be somewhat of a nightmare with all the congestion that is caused by so many travelling at the same time. Unless people have gone abroad, as I think my neighbours have done, they will have had to endure the poor weather we have had here. Many have gone to foreign shores but even they will have experienced congestion getting to the airport and even at the airport! One thing I have never done is journey anywhere far away during our seasonal peak-time breaks when everyone else is doing the same. When our children were young we did go abroad for our holidays but always selected times for doing so when the traffic, human and otherwise, was lighter thus avoiding ‘the rush’. This Easter weekend I stayed indoors, not even venturing out into the garden for any length of time. The weather, though not that good, allowed me to take a walk or two. That was enough for me.

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