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: Easter holidays On a cold North Sea beach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday’s weather was little different from Sunday, just as cool and just as misty. Only consolation was the absence of wind. As Monday was one of our ‘Bank Holidays‘ I took the opportunity to stay in bed a little longer. It was around 9 o’clock as I lay there contemplating the day ahead and what I would do in it. It turned out very little as it happened. The house phone rang! Someone had a problem with their light switch asking if and when I could fix it and probably expecting me to be available straight away. I explained that it was a holiday and I wouldn’t be available until the following day, Tuesday and only after I had completed my other work scheduled for the morning. He agreed and I scheduled it for lunchtime onwards depending on how soon it took me to do the first job. Other work is scheduled for the remainder of the week. I seem to be in great demand lately. Tuesday was the first day back to work for me after an extended weekend break as it was Easter. On Easter Day, that is Sunday, a small song developed in my thoughts and I quickly wrote it down once I’d played it through on my guitar. It was the first song I had written for some time. I went through a spell a couple of years ago whereby I wrote several songs in a matter of a few days so it was nice to be given a new one. Tuesday was also the first day of the new tax year for me and the first day of my financial year, the day from which all account reckoning is taken each year. I mentioned I would be filling in my tax return for the previous year quite soon so on Monday morning I began collating all my records and totaling my incoming funds and outgoing expenses. As the weeks go by I shall continue with completing the data ready for when I submit my tax return form. I had forgone breakfast on Monday morning by choice and intended to eat later in the day. It was about 4.30 when I ate a small meal. E had gone to see her mom for the afternoon so I had the house to myself. I decided to bake some more scones. It was last Thursday when I decided to bake a fruit cake by way of a change whilst E was out shopping and that had been eaten by Monday. I did little else during the day, saving my energy for the working week ahead.

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