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It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon before I was able to eat anything substantial. I had eaten a half of a small melon for breakfast knowing that I intended to eat out later. Usually I would have eaten porridge with fruit and a fruit drink but sometimes porridge weighs heavily in my tummy and causes reflux whenever I am doing anything strenuous or working hard afterwards. If I miss eating porridge in the morning I might have some later in the day if I’ve a mind to do so. My first job of the day was to install a waterproof power outlet outdoors at an address quite close to home. The lady of the house, a widow, got on very well with me and during my work she was talking about her garden and asking me about mine. I am not a gardener but I do like to take an interest in plants. I asked the lady if she would like to see my garden as my house was not much more than a half-mile away. She liked the idea so when I had finished the job I drove her there and back home later. I had an hour to spare before I could go to my next job for the day anyway. I gave her a mini-tour of the gardens and lower floors of the house so that she could see the things we had been talking about earlier. She knew much about the plants we have as gardening is somewhat of a hobby of hers. I also showed her our wet room and main bathroom as I had told her that we had built the wet room entirely by ourselves and had done most of the work in the bathroom ourselves too. She didn’t want to leave the bathroom, saying it was such a lovely room. I took her back home after a half-hour and then drove back home for a short while before going to my next job. Our eldest son had called to the house with someone from the church and they were offloading two pews for storage in our cellar. He told me he wanted them for future use when he buys a house. I can’t imagine why but hadn’t the time to ask. I left them to it. When I returned home late in the afternoon I had to move them for he had stored them in such a way that they were obstructing access to our electrical and gas supplies and preventing use of the workbench we have down there. Though they were very heavy I managed to move them to one side and out-of-the-way. I don’t think they had thought about access problems when they dumped them there. I was already tired after my day at work. My second job involved repairs to bathroom lights and a switch replacement but I could only assess the work when I first went there. I needed to purchase a switch to match the faulty one but had to go to my third job beforehand. That job was some miles out-of-town and involved installing wiring to an extract wall fan. I returned to the second job to complete the work there. Now it was 3.40 in the afternoon and I was hungry and a little tired. I drove to my local pub and had a meal there but it didn’t arrive at my table until 4.20. I didn’t linger there once I had eaten but drove home for a well-earned rest, after I had moved the pews of course! My next job would take me to another town the following day. Tuesday started cool and very misty but late in the morning the sun broke out and it remained warm and sunny all day long. We are promised the same for a few more days before it gets wetter and cooler once more. I love England!

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