Nothing to do?

Nothing was planned work-wise for Thursday but even so I arose quite early at the same time I would normally do if I had a job to go to. I had a good night’s sleep so didn’t feel the need to extend my time in bed. I find it hard to lie there doing nothing anyway and have to get up. What was I going to do all day? A year or two ago my youngest son persuaded me to let him have an acoustic guitar of mine, not the one which is my favourite, the one I play almost every day but a quality instrument nevertheless. It was bought for the tidy sum of £250 in or around 1992, a lot of money at that time and I had bought it at the time when I played in the church music group. I bought my present instrument (shown here), a Fender, later.Fender Capistrano I had a hard guitar case in which to carry either instrument in if I was taking one of them away from home. My son persuaded me to let him have the case too! Well to be fair he was short of spare cash at the time and couldn’t afford to buy a guitar or indeed a case. He had a Spanish guitar which he used to practice with but the one I gave him is far superior. So that left me without a case for my guitar and I couldn’t safely transport the instrument anywhere if I had wanted to. I had been thinking of purchasing another case at some point so after breakfast I visited the large music shop we have in town to see what they had on offer, taking my guitar along with me. I had wrapped the instrument in a sheet to prevent it getting damaged. I needed to take it along so that I could buy one of suitable size for there are quite a number of sizes and shapes in guitar cases. Unfortunately they hadn’t one of the right depth for my guitar but I chose the style from what they had in stock and ordered one, paying for it at the same time, a penny short of £80. It would be in the shop the following day, Friday. I would call and collect it after my work commitments. I drove off to buy some materials for my business before returning home. On taking my guitar out of the van I noticed that the plectrum I usually leave beneath the strings was missing, not a major incident I have to say as they only cost a few pence each to buy. I do have spares. Whilst I was paying the salesman for the case his assistant, a young American girl took an interest in the guitar and I asked if she played too. She did, so I offered her the opportunity to play it whilst I was attending to business. She played very well. Anyway by the time I had returned home it was still only 10.30. I had just made myself a coffee when my phone rang. It was a job but it was located just a little further than where I had just been shopping! If only people would call me earlier or the night before! I went along and did the job which went a long way to offset the purchase of the guitar case. Again it was such a lovely and warm sunny day on Thursday and in the afternoon I spent an hour or so out on the patio playing the said instrument whilst E had gone out to do the weekly shop with her mom. It has been many months since I was able to sit out on the patio.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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