Very thankful it’s Friday


This past week, that is my working week which is Monday to Friday under normal circumstances, has been a busy time for me.  Even though the week was only four days long because Monday was a national holiday I feel as though I have worked harder than I would have done for a full week! So much for part-time working. On Friday I went to a house in a small township, more a large village really, about eight miles from home. The couple had moved in only three days prior so much of their possessions and furniture had not yet been sorted out. They were beginning to find out that some of the electrical power outlets were insufficient for their requirements or in places non-existent. My task was to replace some single outlets with twin units and to install a couple of extra ones where non existed. I had to disconnect and remove some old central heating switches and controls too. The work took me the whole morning but I was well looked after by the woman who had taken a shine to me and who was quite amazed that a woman could handle the work. She told me later that she didn’t trust men as tradespeople. When I had completed the work she and her husband (who had kept out-of-the-way whilst I was working) discussed further work that they would like me to do for them in a few week’s time. I will be only too pleased to return again. During the morning I had received a phone call but had missed it so I called the number to ask if I could be of service. A lady answered and explained that she was having electrical problems with some wall lights and would like also to have new ones installed elsewhere. I arranged to call there on Monday. I had been expecting the music shop staff to call as they said they would and tell me that the new guitar case I had bought was there to be collected but I received no call. I called them instead and discovered that yes it had been delivered earlier. I drove there to collect it. Have you ever been in desperate need of a toilet whilst out driving? I am sure you have. It was around eight or nine miles to the shop and the plan was to collect the case then return home via the pub for a late lunch. I got all the way back into town only to be stopped at a level crossing for what seemed like an age before a train passed through. The barriers remained down.

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Level crossing – Chertsey – England – Photo by Tagishsimon – 270404 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another train was due but that took an age too. Finally I could continue to the shop and collect the case. On my return guess what? The barriers were down once more and again I had to wait a few minutes. I still needed the toilet by the way. At last the barriers lifted and I was on my way. Have you also noticed that when we are in a hurry to get somewhere there always seems to be all sorts of obstacles placed in our way? At last I was outside the pub. The car park was only half-filled so I parked the van and went inside to you know where! I ordered my meal and sat down waiting for it to be served. Nearby sat five people, four women and a young man. They were enjoying a meal too but one or two of them loved the sound of their own voices for when they spoke they were loud. You know the type, have to be heard above everyone else and there was no need for it, their companions were not deaf! I had thought of moving elsewhere to eat but I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered. My meal arrived but once again I didn’t linger after eating it. I was back home by three o’clock sitting in a comfy armchair and glad the working week was over.


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