Completely lazy day for a change

Bathroom 94The work I did on Friday wasn’t particularly difficult either technically or practically but then I am an electrician and have the experience. Even so I shouldn’t have been as tired as I was at the end of the day but I was. I put that down to being in an active state more or less continually since Tuesday and not necessarily all because of my work. It is a combination of my activity and my age of course, I will admit that. I cannot expect to be as fit into old age as I once was when young. I think I do pretty well being as active as I am and I would recommend anyone staying as active as they can in whatever capacity open to them. I once saw a T-shirt logo on a guy in my local pub which stated ‘Look busy Jesus is coming’. My thoughts on that one are that we should all be busy anyway, for our health’s sake. Those who only want to look busy when under the eye of others are a bit like those who slow down on approaching speed control cameras then speed up once they’ve passed them, they are not kidding anyone. I know when I have been busy, I get tired! So it was on Friday evening I decided to have a soak in the bathtub before bed. I find this helps me get to sleep much easier even if I am not overly tired. I needed the soak in the bath to ease the aches and pains in my muscles and it really works. I work in many homes and sometimes find only a shower in the bathroom, which makes it not a bathroom at all but a shower room. I usually see this in apartments where there is a shortage of space. I would hate not to have a bathtub and not be able to have a long soak in the hot water once in a while. Mostly I use the shower but showering doesn’t ease muscular aches does it? It may be a week or more between my having a good soak in the bathtub and it is always something to look forward to when I am in need of it. I am old enough to remember the times when all we had at home was a bathtub. A shower in the bathroom was practically unheard of so we had to bathe every day whether we preferred it or not. The shower is great for someone in a hurry but the bathtub is great when we’ve all the time to relax and enjoy it. I woke up later than I normally do and felt really refreshed, not an ache or pain to be felt anywhere and I kept it that way all day.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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