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I’ve been posting a lot about my electrical work lately but as it occupies much of my time it isn’t surprising really is it? Over the last year or two I have thought often about retiring completely but each time I think to myself that maybe it is better that I continue to work though less often, part-time if you will. So that is exactly what I decided to do, well try to do. Most of the time I manage to succeed in that but I seem to be so much of a soft-touch I end up taking on work that I don’t really need. If the truth be known I suppose I don’t need any work at all, I could manage living on my pensions alone. Whilst I am able I prefer to work and anything I earn from it becomes a cushion, something for a rainy day, something to fall back on if finances were to become a struggle.

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Over the last two years at least I have put a lot of the extra income towards financing my domestic projects of which there have been many. I have written much about them on this site. Last week I was run off my feet as they say and was somewhat relieved to see Friday evening and some respite. I swore to myself that this week would be different, I would limit the work I do but as many of you will know, that doesn’t always happen. I wrote about yesterday’s (Monday) escapades and was looking forward to an easier Tuesday. So on Tuesday I went to install an extra power outlet for a lady living not too far away and had it done in less than an hour, forty minutes to be precise. I expected it to be as easy as it was from the description I was given over the phone the day before. It still paid a handsome £55 for a £5 outlay, not bad at all and I would have been content with that and have the rest of the day to myself. However, when I had completed the work I drove to my supplier to purchase more materials for my van stock, cable and accessories and whilst there I received a call from a guy telling me that he was looking for an electrician. I told him he’d found one! He seemingly was having problems with his lights at home which kept going off in use. As his house was less than a mile away from the supplier I offered to call there to take a look. He was in the process of restructuring some upstairs walls and ceilings. Dangling from one of the beams was a large but broken lidless junction box into and out of which were numerous lighting cables, so much so that it looked like a plate of spaghetti! Two of the lights were being controlled by three switches but he only wanted one of them controlled that way whilst the second would be controlled by two switches. It meant re-arranging the wiring and creating a new switch position incorporating a double switch. He looked at me hoping that I could help and I told him that I really didn’t want to be there. He expected me to leave but of course I didn’t. I explained to him what needed to be done and I began sorting it all out. I switched off the supply and removed the broken junction box, cutting back all the excess wiring. I told him it would be easier to start again from scratch. Between us we identified each cable and I reconnected everything using new boxes. I installed the extra wires to the new switch box I had provided and that he had recessed into the wall. He stood back and watched me connect everything. I asked him to reinstate the supply. I wasn’t sure at that stage if he thought everything would work…..but it did of course! I was there less than two hours and earned an extra £80 for a £7 outlay. Is it any wonder I continue to work? It was now still only 2 o’clock so I drove to my local pub and had a meal. Wednesday would be a much more lazy day wouldn’t it?

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