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Make a Sound
Make a Sound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a little rubber room
I play in every day,
I’d have a chair to sit on
But they carted it away.
I sit on polystyrene
My bed is made of sponge,
The food I get is wobbly
Just like a cold blancmange.
I used to have some clothing
I used to have some shoes,
They used to come and speak with me
And tell me all the news.
One day I’ll get my freedom
One day they’ll let me free,
Then we can be two nuts together
You and crazy me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Feb 2004

The other day I was sitting quietly at home watching television but not really taking an interest in the program being broadcast. I was waiting for the following program. However I sat and listened to the guy who was speaking as he described in great detail the building in which he stood as he presented the program. He was speaking quietly and I couldn’t understand why. After a minute or so I became irritated at the sound of his voice and turned off the sound. Immediately I had done so I became calm again. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced such a reaction to the sound of someone else’s voice, it has happened a few times recently. I simply have to turn off the sound. I get bored when watching many televised programs, even movies, though I seldom do so when it is a documentary. It isn’t the watching of television per se that I dislike but I do get irritated at the sound of some of the voices I hear. I am beginning to get the same feelings when in the company of others too, I feel as though I just want to get out of the room to a quiet place. Am I going mad? Am I losing it?

Come and visit me in my rubber room sometime and we will discuss it, if I can stand the sound of your voice that is!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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