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I have often mentioned the attitudes of people who ask for my electrical services in my posts. On Sunday around noon I received a call from a woman living in the next nearest town, Ormskirk. She first of all apologised for calling me on Sunday (though in actual fact that is probably the best time to call me so that I can schedule work for the week) saying she saw my advertisement in the paper and wondering when I would be available to fit a couple of new lights for her. I replied by saying I could do them the next day as at that time I was free on Monday morning. ‘Oh’, she said, ‘that is awkward for me as I am at work. I am free at five o’clock’. This meant that if I took on the work I would have to do it after five o’clock. If I had no other work for the day that would mean I would be starting my working day at five o’clock and I wouldn’t be able to do other things I might want to do! I very rarely start my day after twelve noon anyway and schedule any work that comes in the afternoon for the following day unless I am already at work and am able to do it immediately. I asked her if she couldn’t get some time off or perhaps have someone there on her behalf. She said she couldn’t then asked if I could do it at the weekend! Am I not to have my weekends free to myself? Am I expected to give in to the whims of others because they cannot be bothered to arrange their schedules to accommodate their needs? Had the work been closer to home I might, I say MIGHT have accommodated her but I usually only do that in special cases. Emergency calls are another matter and I will accommodate in those circumstances if I am able.  What was her reply? ‘I’ll call back’. Yeah, sure, in a pig’s ear you will. She will have probably phoned around until she got someone else to do the work, someone who doesn’t mind working at five o’clock. I cannot be bothered with people who expect me to be at their beck and call because they can’t find the time. I don’t need the work but what I do I do it on my terms, I think I’ve earned that privilege at sixty-nine, don’t you? Mostly I will try to accommodate if I can. An elderly lady called me on Saturday morning asking if I could help her. Her lights weren’t working. I didn’t realise at the time that she was referring to two bedside lamps only, not the whole lighting circuit. Her husband had died three weeks ago and she still sounded a little distressed over the phone. She lives less than a half-mile from me so I drove there and sorted out her problem, fuses missing from the plugs! She was more than pleased that I had called at such short notice. What else was I to do?

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