Going naked!

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Thoughts are probably now turned to beaches and topless ladies flaunting their assets but no, I am not talking about that. The weather has been so good lately and the prospect of it not returning to low temperatures is high. I made the decision to go bare-legged for the first time in the year. My regular readers might remember that during the cooler months I wear stockings (and a belt) every day but there comes a time when wearing such things become unbearable unless perhaps when they are worn in the cooler evenings. I love wearing stockings I will admit but I also like the freedom that going bare-legged gives me on warm days. So as from today, Tuesday as I write this, I am going naked. It is also the time to begin wearing lighter clothing too but one has to be careful so early in the season. When going to work in the mornings I have to wear a coat at the moment but find I often have to discard it by late morning because it is so warm. If I go for a walk wearing a coat, even a lightweight one, at this time of the year I find I have to remove it or leave it unbuttoned and open after a while. Even as I write this I hear the weather is to become slightly cooler, wetter and windier by the end of the week. We cannot rely on it being continuously warm and dry but at least it is warm enough to go naked, on my legs at least!

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