Upgrades? Nah.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote part of this post in an email to a friend today, that is Tuesday, as I write it here now.  I went for a walk into town at around 11 o’clock in order to buy a couple of guitar picks, then I strolled into the main shopping area to visit the 3 Mobile store to see what options I had with my contract which officially expired in October last year. Naturally the young lady (an American girl incidentally) wanted to promote the latest 4G phones and there were many of them but I wasn’t interested and I explained to her that if it were possible I would be using a 2G phone! Mine is actually a 3G phone (Galaxy Ace), a bit dated now but I don’t want an upgrade for it would be wasted on me. I never use any of the applications to give them their proper name, I have no need for them. Likewise I almost never use the text service and almost never actually make calls either except to return a few missed calls in connection with my business. This means my requirements are minimal. Last October the contract expired as I said, which also meant that the phone has been paid for and now belongs to me. I asked about a reduction in my subscriptions so the young lady looked for an even better deal than the one I had.She found me an even better deal, a monthly reduction of another £3 (about $4.50), not a lot but better in my pocket than theirs. My monthly rental is now only £8 instead of £11. I am keeping my existing phone and in fact I still have an old Nokia too which I could use if I wished. Perhaps I could buy a Sim card and use that phone on a pay-as-you-go service. Maybe not. After I had signed the revised contract I had a stroll around town before walking back to my local where I had a lovely meal of sea bass with prawns in a rich sauce, new potatoes, garden peas, peas in their pods and broccoli. The dish isn’t on the printed menu but they serve it as one of their ‘specials’ when the fish is available. It is slightly more expensive than most items on the menu but is still a few pence below £10. The meals are never disappointing, the service is great and that’s why I go there. This was the day I got caught by the Sun’s rays too!

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