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Female cosmetics use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of my Mondays have been more or less identical lately, no work scheduled. Again, it usually happens that I get calls during the week. One old guy did ask me on Sunday if I could do some work on Monday but called back five minutes later to change the appointment to Tuesday instead. Another guy called late on Sunday asking if I could fix a three-phase switch for him in his restaurant but when I told him that I no longer take on commercial or industrial work but simply do small domestic jobs only he was reluctant to accept the fact. He began explaining that the job was simple but I interrupted him by saying that although that might be the case I would still not be doing it. A couple of days earlier I had received a very similar request to repair a three-phase switch, it had to be the same job and at that time I had also explained that I didn’t want the work. Some people just don’t give up do they? Both guys who had called were either Indian or Pakistani but because I have had so many problems dealing with people who are either one or the other I would have been very reluctant to do the job anyway. I have no problems with their ethnicity but the fact is they always want to barter with you to bring the price down, even after an agreement has been made! I have been stung twice that way before. I have to be selective in what work I will do or I would be inundated with all types of problems I can now do without at my age. I had arisen quite early as I normally do during the week in case I do get offers of work but as none had materialised  I took a walk into town by the back streets as I wanted to purchase a few cosmetics and toiletries. I could have simply taken a shorter trip to the village but the day was lovely and sunny though a little cool in the slight breeze and the added opportunity to exercise couldn’t be passed up. A couple of years ago I wanted to buy a new black cosmetics bag to carry in my handbag but after trying so many outlets I still couldn’t find one. When I purchased the few cosmetic items on this trip the woman at the check-out told me that I was entitled to a free cosmetics bag because I had purchased a certain brand. I had no idea. She walked to another display unit and brought back the bag, a black one! It had been just what I had wanted a couple of years ago. A nice bonus considering I had only spent £6 in this particular store. Soon I was back home and wondering what, if anything, the rest of the day would bring.


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