It got better

A free-range egg purchased in the UK.
A free-range egg purchased in the UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been wondering what the rest of Monday had in store for me and I didn’t have long to wait in order to find out. An ex-patScouser‘ (a fellow Liverpudlian) was experiencing problems with power outlets in his kitchen and wondered if I was available to help him out. I was. So I drove the eight miles to his little bungalow at the end of a very long ‘close’ or Cul-de-Sac to see what the problem was. I began investigating what was actually working and what wasn’t and through the process discovered a break in the power outlet ring circuit. Additions and alterations had been made by the previous owner who was a builder by trade. He had contravened all sensible electrical regulations in doing so. This meant a partial rewire of the system but I hadn’t the time to do that there and then. I carried out some repairs, enough for him to be able to use his appliances with caution under my advice. It essentially meant he could only use two appliances at the same time until the wiring was altered. Now, that is Monday evening, I have to wait for him to contact me when he is ready for that work to be done for he told me that he would do all the necessary chiselling out of the wall for the cables. I was happy for him to do this as it saves me the bother. It may be a day or two before I can return. The reason new wiring has to be installed is because another power outlet located behind the fitted kitchen units and totally inaccessible, so much so it cannot even be seen, has to be by-passed. A flexible cord supplying another power outlet for the washing machine is plugged into this hidden outlet. The fuse in the plug has blown and therefore cannot be replaced! What kind of idiot installs a power outlet that cannot be seen or reached and then plugs something into it that cannot be removed? The power outlet behind the washing machine obviously needs rewiring properly as does another one nearby. I was there for two hours and was paid for my time. The remedial work will be treated as a separate job and will be charged accordingly. I got on well with this guy as he was a fellow Scouser and full of life. Before I left he wanted to show me his collection of birds. In the lounge a large bird-cage sat on the table with three birds inside, all canaries. I asked if the birds were a hobby of his and he took me into the garden and showed me his small aviary inside of which there must have been at least twenty more canaries in individual cages. Also in the garden were a few chickens, all egg laying birds, apart of course for the rooster! Then he showed me where he kept his little dogs in a reasonably large pen with shelter provided. All the animals were being well looked after. He bred the dogs for selling on to anyone wishing to have one. I was half tempted myself. As I left he gave me a box of eggs that had been laid that day. Some of the shells were blue in colour and I remarked that I had never seen a blue hen’s egg before, which I haven’t. I’ve seen blue eggs of course but never from a chicken. I had a couple of them with my evening meal later and they were delicious. E often gets free range eggs from her mom who has chickens roaming around her garden but she never brings blue eggs home.

Shirley Anne