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Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits
Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…………..or maybe not! Following on from yesterday’s post and looking forward to three days of relaxation, it didn’t happen, at least for Saturday morning. A lady had called me on Friday evening asking if I could move a power outlet so that a fitted wardrobe could be installed later. Evidently the outlet lay square on the spot where the frame was to be screwed to the wall and it had also been fitted about a metre and a half from the floor. Initially she had asked if I could simply remove it but as there was a laminate floor covering there was no access to the underfloor wiring. This is often the problem with laminate flooring, once fitted there is no access to under the floor wiring or pipe work. She then asked if I could leave the cable in the wall. I told her that it wasn’t a real option to leave an unconnected and unprotected live cable in a wall but that I could most probably simply reposition the outlet. The wardrobe fit was to commence this week and the outlet needed moving as soon as possible, Now I don’t usually work on a weekend but I offered to do it on Saturday morning as she couldn’t get another electrician to even look at the job. So off I went to the house which was only a couple of miles away and did the work in about a half-hour, re-plastering included! She now wants me to do further work for her later having discovered that yes, I was capable after all. She sounded skeptical over the phone. When I told her about my past experiences in the electrical business and the length of time I have been involved she really was surprised. Often people don’t realise these things even thinking that because I am a woman I have only been involved in such things for a short time, maybe four or five years. When I tell them that this summer I will have been involved in the many fields of the electrical business for fifty-three years and am versatile and experienced in many other fields too they look at me in disbelief. They soon change their minds once they have seen my work though. So I left her happy with the work I’d done and returned home. As I was asked to start the work after ten thirty it was approaching lunchtime by the time I got home. I decided to cook myself a restaurant styled meal, something I have begun to do a lot recently. Normally I just cook a basic meal with no frills but occasionally I push the boat out and do something a little special. This time it was based around a lovely Tuna steak. I haven’t done any baking lately, I think I have just lost the interest for a while but may return to it when I’ve a fancy.

Shirley Anne