The weather hereabouts has been very unsettled lately and as I write this on Tuesday morning the forecast is to be the same at least until Thursday. I have to keep an eye on the wind strength especially as it determines whether or not I allow the flag to fly on the pole out front. If it gets too windy I have to lower the flag until things become more settled. Fortunately there are only a few times during the year when it becomes necessary to lower the flag because of high winds. This morning (Tuesday) I took a walk into what you might call the centre of the village in which I live. Now though the Village of Birkdale is just another suburb of the town of Southport. The shopping centre is shown at the end of this short video… 

I had to make a deposit of some cash at one of my banks which happens to have an outlet in the village and at the same time I called into the chemist (drug store) in order to arrange for my prescription to be repeated. I normally do this over the phone but if I am in the village when the prescription needs repeating I do it in person. The prescription is for my hormone tablets and I get a twelve week supply each time. The prescription service has been much improved over the last twelve months. The chemist does everything on your request where once an appointment at the doctor’s surgery was necessary beforehand. Even so it was necessary to drop off the form at the surgery to be processed and then forwarded to the chemist from where it would be collected a few days later. Now it is all done electronically over The Internet by the chemist. If my doctor wishes to see me for a routine check-up I receive a note via the post. No doubt that will also get done over The Internet if and when they decide it is more efficient. In fact, I saw a leaflet in the chemist shop advertising the ‘new app.’ available for your mobile phone so that you can get the repeat done whilst you are anywhere. One day we’ll all be dependent on our mobile phones for anything and everything I suppose but not if I can help it. I never want to be controlled by and reliant on The Internet for my needs. I didn’t hang around once my business was done but simply returned home. By now it had begun to rain as promised but I was prepared, I had my umbrella with me. I wondered if I would need to lower the flag later in the day as the wind was beginning to pick up. I was hoping I might get some electrical work too.

Shirley Anne