No sense of humour

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...
Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a state of amusement, as in this painting of Falstaff by Eduard von Grützner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my American friends….’Is you in humour’?…well that may take some time  for some to realise the meaning in the pun. For a laugh I might have written ‘To my American friends and anyone else who cannot spell’ but that might have been taken the wrong way. It all depends on the recipient’s reaction. It is all intended as a joke, a humourous intention. I consider myself to have a good sense of humour and I feel that those who don’t are sadly missing something in their lives. I was lying in bed a few nights ago waiting to nod off to sleep and I found myself laughing so hard at something I’d heard that day. I had been watching a game show called ‘Pointless‘. I remember writing about the show in this blog some time ago. One of the contestants had been asked during the preliminary introductions about his hobbies and he replied that one of his hobbies was riding a unicycle. The host then asked how long he had been riding a unicycle and the guy proceeded to tell him the period in years but at this point I was laughing my head off thinking to myself the answer I’d have given, ‘Ever since the front wheel was stolen from my bicycle’. I wondered why the guy hadn’t thought of that as his answer but obviously he was less quick-witted as me I suppose. Either that or he just didn’t have a sense of humour. Like the guy who was asked by his friend, ‘How long have you been wearing women’s underclothes?’ when he had been discovered wearing them. His answer was given as, ‘Ever since my wife found them on the rear seat in the car’! On Thursday this week the country went to the polls in order to vote not only for their local Councillor but also for their chosen MP (Member of Parliament). the polling stations were open between the hours of 7am and 10pm to enable everyone to have the opportunity to vote outside their normal working period. I chose to arrive at 7am just as the station opened. One or two others had decided to do the same. The polling station is less that a quarter-mile from my house, a local church building, and I thought I would go there before breakfast. Two other ladies were there and I greeted them with a ‘Good morning’. I then said, ‘Gosh I didn’t realise there were two 7 o’clocks in the same day’!  One lady immediately smiled but the other just didn’t get the joke. She turned to me and said, ‘I thought everyone knew there were two’. The first lady then said to her, ‘She’s telling a joke’. I couldn’t stop laughing to myself. How could anyone think I was being serious? Obviously the second lady, else she just didn’t have a sense of humour. I don’t think I would like my life to be empty of humour, it must be awful going through life with a sombre look on your face not knowing what a joke is. I want my life to be filled with laughter, life is too short don’t you think?

Shirley Anne