Which is worse?

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Mimi & Eunice, “Viral Patent”. Categories at the source website: Economics, IP, Suffering. Caption: Transcript: Mimi: ACHOO! Eunice: I’ve patented the cold virus, & you’re infringing! Mimi: Your patent won’t stop anyone from getting colds! Eunice: You just think you should get everything for free! . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often complain about my health and considering my age I think I am pretty fit so there’s not much to complain about, which is a good thing. As with all of us there are times when even the healthiest succumb  to some marauding bug eager to make itself at home in your body, reeking havoc and causing misery in the process. I have been host to such a bug, or should I say bugs, specifically ones which prefer my nasal passageways and my throat! Since last weekend I have been suffering with a head cold, sore throat and a constantly runny nose. I don’t catch many colds but this time I feel I am paying the price for the infrequency! The sore throat, now eased off, was something I could live with for the duration and though painful in its way was eased with medication but the runny nose was simply annoying and inconvenient. I don’t think I’ve sneezed so much in years! Tissue after tissue was just a waste of time, the nose remained wet. I have to say though that the symptoms remained in my nose and throat and they were the only places under fire and as such I was still able to continue with my work. Now a head cold is one thing but I have also been suffering lately with acid reflux. I have discovered certain foods to be the main source of the problem but not always. I will need to not only watch what I eat but the amount too. The right diet to reduce the onset of reflux is essential else I might aggravate the condition. Having read much on the subject I am inclined to think one of the reasons I suffer with reflux has been to so with my diet. There are foods to be avoided of course. Some days I will be more or less free of the complaint and on other days I suffer. I don’t know which is worse, the head cold or the reflux? When however I am attacked by both I feel I just want to lie down and die! That has been my lot this past week. I know the cold will eventually ease and release me but the acid reflux needs a visit to my doctor so she can prescribe a suitable medication. I have been using over-the-counter medicines such as ‘Gaviscon‘ which though effective most of the time is not a suitable remedy in the long-term. A guy in whose house I worked recently had the same problem and he was prescribed tablets. As I was suffering that day he offered me one to ease it. Normally I would never take a medicine prescribed for another but in this instance and for the one tablet it would be safe to do so, especially as the tablets are used specifically for the relief of acid reflux. I will ask my doctor about prescribing something similar. I am writing this on Friday evening and I am beginning to feel a lot better after an afternoon of misery. I had been working all morning and had actually dined out at my local pub for lunch and was just feeling a little tired on my return home around one o’clock but as the afternoon wore on I began to feel worse. It is the weekend and I intend to take things easy.

Shirley Anne