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Electricity supply building and pylon. View looking south from Westbury Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emergency, which service do you require? I was sitting at my computer having a drink of coffee after my lunch and my mobile phone rang, The caller’s number had been hidden and it was marked as Private Number. I am always a little wary of unidentified numbers for often they are used by cold callers and they are a nuisance. Sometimes cold calls will be made using known premium numbers and those I will never answer. Some are actually labelled Unknown Number and those have no chance whatsoever in getting a response! However, the private number was simply from a local lady who perhaps had forgotten she had set her number as invisible. I found out later that she had been unable to use her house phone because her electricity supply was at fault, and that is why I got the call. Okay, it was Sunday and I don’t work Sundays except that this was an emergency and those I will take if I am available. Normally I try to talk the caller through the process of reinstating the supply if it is possible and if they are capable. This lady had tried resetting the supply but to no avail. Her house was about one mile distant and I arrived within minutes. After a preliminary check I discovered there was no supply at the incoming main cable at all. The incoming cartridge fuse wasn’t at fault, it was the supply to it and we later discovered that her house wasn’t the only one affected. This now meant contacting the supply company and therein lay the problem. The numbers we called turned out to be the wrong ones and we were passed from pillar to post before eventually being connected to the correct one. I didn’t know myself which company was responsible for the distribution of electricity in this area. Things have changed quite dramatically since I once worked in the supply industry, then it was much simpler. I was informed by the operator that the fault lay in the high voltage system and repairs were already in hand. When I passed my phone to the lady so that she could pass on her details to the supplier, for I had to do the calling for her, they told her to unplug all her appliances and switch off all her lights until after three o’clock. By that time they hoped the supply would be re-instated. I had already advised her that I had switched off the main circuit breakers and I had already showed her how to switch them back on later. The reason for this procedure is to reduce the load on the system whilst the supply is switched back on. Ideally one light should be left switched on as an indicator to the supply returning. She asked me how much she owed me for the call-out but I declined payment. She did however insist I take something and paid me for my time and assistance. I returned home to my cold cup of coffee and wrote this. I had been thinking about mowing the lawn but decided I would leave that until another day during the week.

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