So fast

Weeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sometimes potter about in the garden without the initial intention of doing that for as I have often said, I am not a gardener, not in the true sense of the word. I like gardens and I sit looking at the plants and allowing my thoughts to drift. My on-hands involvement however is limited, so I think but in reality I find I am doing things anyway. Most usually I will be sitting down out on the patio and something catches my eye, a few dandelion flowers perhaps, something that wasn’t there a day or so back. Weeds grow so fast don’t they? Perhaps they realise that time is short and they have to produce seeds before their heads are chopped off! Unless the whole plant is removed, weeds will most certainly return within days. So I will be sitting there one minute and in the next I will be up and removing the odd weed. However it doesn’t stop there with me because whilst removing one I discover another, then another and before too long I am all over the garden digging out the weeds by hand. Sometimes I will fetch a few gardening tools and the green waste wheelie bin trying my best to tidy up what I see as a constant pest. Some weeds are more prolific than others I think. My gardening usefulness is in mowing the overgrown grass and removing weeds but I guess that is a major part of any gardener’s work. I have been known to plant the garden borders with shrubs or move plants when the season is right, as I did a few months ago with some of the gooseberry bushes. They are now thriving in their new spot a metre from where they had been next to the laurel shrubs. The laurel shrubs are better off too and have grown a few centimetres over the last month or so. They are sited where they are with the intention of forming a natural screen from the wind in that part of the garden. The screen will hide a less attractive part of the garden, that area we call our vegetable plot between the patio and a garage. I find it difficult to relax on a bench sometimes when out in the garden for I know that if I don’t keep the weeds down or cut the grass they will overtake everything else. As I write this on Tuesday afternoon on what turned out to be a day free from work, I had planned to mow the lawn but it is so windy a day I have decided to do it on Wednesday when the forecast is better. An extra day’s growth shouldn’t be a problem…………I hope.

Shirley Anne