Frightened to use it!

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I’ve mentioned many times in this blog how much I hate adverts and although I know they might be necessary, for me they are a pain in the proverbial! When television adverts appear on the screen I have the choice to mute the sound for as long as they are showing and they cease to be a distraction if I do something else for the duration. If I am tuned to a commercial radio station in my vehicle the only option I have it to either switch off the radio, try to ignore the adverts or just bear them! Reading a newspaper isn’t a problem, I simply read the news items and ignore everything else, though I will add that I seldom read newspapers anyway. Now when it comes to my computer, that is something different. Wherever I do my browsing I can be certain that I will be faced with adverts on the same page. The worst offender is my main email provider, AOL. There are so many adverts on their front page it is unbelievable and many of them are dynamic so that if my cursor accidentally drifts over them I am immediately taken to another page. Others follow my actions when I am scrolling up and down the page I am reading and form an irritating mobile panel to the right as if saying ‘you can’t get away, I am following you’! Others flash on and off in order to attract attention. It’s getting so bad I am frightened to check my emails!

An animated TV advertisement
An animated TV advertisement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is one thing I really hate about this form of advertising it is the way they are being pushed under my nose and into my face. Even if I was remotely interested in whatever was being advertised that sort of behaviour will always have the opposite effect upon me. This is the same kind of behaviour I am faced with by ‘cold callers’ too and why the calls either don’t get answered or if found to be such a call will be immediately disconnected. Leave me alone, your efforts are wasted on me. I have just seen a program on television about Oxford Street in London and the frantic attempts to oil the wheels of advertising in order to keep sales high. The whole street is geared to make people part with their money (as with any other high street in the land). There isn’t anything wrong in keeping the economy running of course and for those who don’t mind being bombarded with sales pitches that is fine. Not for me, no, not for me.

Shirley Anne