Deceiving day

Waking Dream
Waking Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I awoke on Saturday morning it was still before sunrise but I was still tired and went back to sleep. Normally I would remain awake but occasionally I can revert to sleep if I am that tired. I think the reason I awoke in the first place had something to do with the dream I had just experienced. Unfortunately I cannot remember much of that dream so I can’t add it to my dreams page above but I remember waking up with the last few seconds of that dream still in my thoughts. My curtains remain open during the night so I can see what the day is like as I wake up. It was dark and cloudy though at that time the sun was still below the horizon but even so it would have been bright had there been no clouds. When I again woke up a couple of hours later the sky was blue and the sun shone into the room. It remained that way for most of the day, bright and sunny. However, though it looked nice outside it was quite windy and cool which kind of spoiled it a little. The day before had been slightly less sunny but much warmer and I had taken a walk into the village to deposit some cash at the bank and continued the walk which took me down to the sea front via an indirect route. I had nothing else to do so I thought I would make the most of the fine weather and take some exercise at the same time. I had it in mind to do the same thing on Saturday afternoon. E would be out at her monthly meeting and I didn’t fancy just sitting at home but after I had checked the conditions I thought twice about it. It looked nice but it was too windy for me. Don’t misunderstand me here, I don’t stay indoors just because it is windy but I simply didn’t fancy fighting against the wind just for the exercise. I took some exercise on the treadmill instead and later spent a little time in the garden until I’d had enough of the wind.

Shirley Anne