My favourite pain!

Taste the Pain
Taste the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are things in life we have to bear occasionally because a solution is not always readily available at our fingertips. We live in a nine-till-five Monday to Friday working week by and large though many will and do work Saturdays and Sundays too. Most doctors’ surgeries are not open at the weekend but there are emergency treatment contingencies set up for those in need. Similarly most dental practices are closed for the weekend too, again, emergency treatment is available for those who are in need. Late on Friday afternoon, more like early evening to be truthful, I began to feel a tenderness on one of my front teeth, to be precise one of the lower incisors. Only when the tip was touched did I feel any pain, elsewhere was fine and no other teeth were affected. Typically I couldn’t receive routine treatment as it was so late in the day and even the week. I couldn’t telephone and make an appointment either for the practice would be closed. Messages on an answer phone just don’t work do they? It meant I would have to grin and bear it until Monday morning when I could arrange for treatment. If there is one pain that is most irritating and persistent it is toothache! Fortunately this particular time I have been very fortunate in that I am only aware of the problem if I accidentally touch the tip of the tooth. As you can imagine that is very difficult to avoid whilst eating. Biting into food becomes very difficult too especially as the incisors are used for this process. I have been forced to cut everything down to a smaller size in order to avoid that problem. Thankfully the pain has been limited on this occasion for in the past I have had to endure the constant pain that comes with most of the instances of toothache I have experienced. Painkillers really have no effect either so it is pretty much a waste of time taking them I feel and in any case I try not to take medications of any kind unless they are absolutely necessary. By the time you are reading this I should hopefully have seen the dentist or am about to do so. What a pain.

Shirley Anne