Things change

Various Listerine products
Various Listerine products (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a very recent post I talked about my toothache and how it affected my eating. One lower incisor was the problem as it had become very sensitive to the touch. I mentioned I might make a visit to the dentist but as things turned out the pain has lessened dramatically, to the point where I can hardly feel anything. I surmised the problem was simply a sensitive tooth that could be treated by switching my toothpaste to one specially designed for sensitive teeth and so I did that. I didn’t expect it to work but evidently it has. I had purchased a few tubes of ‘Oral B‘ toothpaste some months ago thinking at that time I ought to be using the brand considering I use a ‘Oral B’ electric toothbrush. The brush itself is a top of the range item which has a ‘Bluetooth‘ (how coincidental is that?) system connecting it to a special timer. The timer pictures four thirty-second quadrants with a sounder that lets you know which quadrant has been reached with each quadrant representing one-quarter (one-fourth) of  the mouth. This ensures that each quarter gets a high-speed thirty-second clean. After the two-minute period I usually stop but I could do it all again if I wished to for it will happily continue indicating thirty-second intervals. Once the brush is stopped the timer also stops via the Bluetooth connection. There are also speed controls on the brush itself if they are needed. With that sort of ‘designer’ brush I feel it best to at least use their brand of paste. The paste itself  claims to reduce the effect of sensitive teeth by filling in the microscopic holes in the tooth enamel and it appears to have worked for me though the problem might have lain elsewhere. Once upon a time I used ‘Listerine‘ antiseptic mouthwash but I was told by my dentist that the liquid was too strong and in fact could cause more problems than it cured. I had a couple of those bottles unopened in my bedroom so I thought I might open one and use it but watered down. I mixed about one unit of the liquid to four of water and used it at that strength. I could still feel its effect but it was very mild diluted. It is possible that a gum infection beneath that single tooth was causing the pain and that the mouthwash cleared away the problem. Anyhow I shall be using both the mouthwash and the new toothpaste from now on in the hope that they will keep things in check. Naturally I will visit the dentist should it be necessary but hopefully it won’t.
In my post I also talked about the lack of work at the beginning of the week but on Monday morning I received a request for my services and then again in the afternoon, both jobs done that same day! It is Monday evening as I write this and I am wondering what the rest of the week holds in store. There are a couple of interesting things about those two jobs, or rather the women who called me but I will save that for another time.

Shirley Anne