Home alone 37…..

You and Me at Home
You and Me at Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…..or probably more! I find I am left alone at home quite often these days, unless I am out working. When I have things to do that isn’t a problem for I usually work best when by myself. I just get more done! Today, Wednesday, E went out around 8.30, presumably either paying her occasional visit to the NEC (Birmingham) with her group’s friends or going to another town within the county as she sometimes does also. I wasn’t told and so I am guessing. Anyway I had no scheduled work for the day as it happened so I spent the day at home. I kept busy doing routine things like the washing and such and spent some time on my treadmill trying to keep fit. I am surprised how I can, after a brief warm-up, still run when I don’t spend that much time doing that. I can’t just sit down and do nothing though, it hurts my bum! Seriously I spend more time on my feet, restless if you like, wanting to do something, anything to relieve the boredom. Usually when I have the free time at home I might do some baking, cakes, scones and things but over the past couple of months I haven’t bothered doing that, as with all the other things I could be doing they are being left undone.

Oneroom bathroom
One room bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My next-door neighbour phoned me on the house phone and asked how I was. She does that from time to time rather than call at the door. If I am making the same inquiry I usually go to her house. She conveyed her sympathies regarding my relationship problem with E. She knows about similar problems I have had along the same line with E over the last few years too, like the time I wasn’t invited to my son’s wedding, which I discovered later was due to E’s attitude. Yet I don’t bear a grudge, I never have but still it hurts to be mistreated. Anyhow my neighbour was telling me about the new bathroom she has planned to be fitted at the end of next month. I think she was encouraged to refurbish her bathroom, which needs doing by the way, after seeing what we had done with ours. She has spent a considerable amount of money getting things done outside the house since the death of her husband eighteen months ago and I guess she now wants to spend some cash refurbishing the inside too. Over the last six years we have done exactly the same. Had I enough energy and time I would willingly have lent a hand with her bathroom but she is having everything done by a professional bathroom fitter. Even if I had been asked I would certainly have left the plumbing and tiling to others! Plumbing at home is one thing but I wouldn’t do it for anyone else partly in case there are problems later and partly because a plumber would be faster! I think tiling should be done by a professional too as they would make a better job of it and would also be faster. I didn’t do the tiling in our bathroom for the same reasons, though I did the tiling in the wet room.

Shirley Anne