Another one

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...
The lumbar region in regards to the rest of the spine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend just passed was yet another long one. For some reason here in the United Kingdom we had the second Bank Holiday of the month which meant Monday off work as well as Saturday and Sunday. Of course not everyone can take those days off work because of the nature of their work but no doubt those that cannot will have extra days off in lieu sometime later. As I am self-employed I can take whichever days I like but it all depends upon the available work of course. This Saturday I was asked to do two jobs in separate locations and because I would still have two days off thereafter I decided to do them both. At most I would be away from home perhaps three hours and I would still get the afternoon to myself. It was a very sunny on Saturday after about ten o’clock and in the afternoon I was able to spend some time out on the patio with my guitar. One thing had threatened to spoil my plans to do those two small jobs for on Friday afternoon I had been out in the garden pottering about and doing a spot of sweeping when suddenly I found myself with an excruciating pain in my lumbar and sacral regions, mostly the latter, and unable to stand erect after bending down to shovel away some soil. From that point on and throughout the evening up to and including bedtime I was in great pain. At first I wondered what it might be but didn’t realise what it was until the early hours of the morning after spending a very restless night. I had gone to bed before nine o’clock in an effort to relax and ease the pain by lying down but then found it extremely difficult to get up from the bed to visit the toilet. I managed to do so however but was in pain throughout. I don’t think I actually had much sleep but by four o’clock I’d had enough of lying on the bed and got up for the day. That was when I realised I must have had a trapped nerve for when I did some neck exercises the pain eased. I coupled those exercises with others and by seven o’clock I found I was able to move about with very little pain. I have endured a similar problem with a trapped nerve on a couple of occasions in the recent past and found these exercises to be the only way to release the nerve and hence the pain. By the time I was to drive to the first job I felt much better. However, by the time I had returned home at 11.30 I found myself in pain once more. This time the neck exercises didn’t help for the pain seemed entirely muscular but perhaps the two were linked, I am not sure. I made sure I took things easy for the rest of the weekend in the hope that everything would be back to normal by Tuesday. Things haven’t been going too well for me lately in everything except work. At least the weather has improved.

Shirley Anne