Oh dear me!

Escape from Pain
Escape from Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from yesterday’s post, it is now Wednesday and my back pain is still with me. I fear I have pulled my back muscles and have been trying to understand how it happened. If you remember that on Friday I was out in the garden when I first began to suffer and the following day I realised I had a trapped nerve, possibly in my neck. Exercising seemed to alleviate the pain but later I found myself with an even more severe pain in my lower back. This has been caused by putting too much strain on my back muscles and that is something I have been wondering about. On Thursday I was at work and the only time I could have conceivably done myself a mischief was the moment I moved a large wooden ladder that the man I was working for had supplied so I could access his faulty floodlight. Now I do have a much lighter aluminium ladder which I could have used but he had gotten his ladder out before I actually came to work on the light. He had simply placed it on the wrong side of the floodlight but my being right-handed it would be easier for me that the ladder was on the left-hand side of the ladder. I moved it to the left-hand side but there was no lifting of the ladder as such. Still, it must have been that which caused me the delayed pain. Just to complicate things, the lady in whose house I had worked on Saturday morning had already provided a heavy wooden step ladder for my use. Again, I would normally use one of my aluminium ladders but the wooden ladder was in position beneath the ceiling light I was replacing. I did move that ladder but didn’t lift it until later when I took it outside, a matter of a couple of metres. I have no doubt that moving that ladder resulted in my present condition. This experience has taught me not to move heavy wooden ladders again if they are provided. I will leave that to the owner though I will probably insist that I use my own lightweight ladders instead. My weekend has been spoiled by the constant pain I have had to endure, it was so bad on Sunday I spent most of the day on my feet because sitting down was impossibly painful. I will most probably not be working this week! To add insult to injury I woke up in the early hours of Monday wanting to visit the little girl’s room and whilst trying to get out of bed suffered severe cramp in my right calf muscles and later in my toes! Now I am aware that thirty per cent of people my age can and do suffer with leg cramp on a regular basis. I am happy to report that my experiences of cramp are very few and I hope it stays that way. I have since read up on the subject to see what, if anything, can be done to alleviate such things. To have to suffer with a cramp on top of  the muscular back pain is a lot to put up with. Our youngest son paid us a visit for a couple of days and he is into yoga exercises, not the meditation, just the exercise aspect, and he has shown me a couple of very useful exercises suitable for my condition. Hopefully these may speed my recovery. In any case I will be taking things easy for a while…….and probably forever!


Shirley Anne