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DVDs - édition vidéo
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Although I was still a little out of the game on Monday I was restless, well you know me, I can’t sit still for a minute! I had done some of the exercises that my son had told me to do and indeed I felt much better having done them. I need to keep doing those exercises until I am completely healed and indeed I will continue with them afterwards too. They are basically stretching exercises, nothing complicated. I had risen from my sleep around five o’clock having gone to bed around nine, though I did watch some television for a short while. I went downstairs to use the wet room shower as it is easier to clean afterward. We always clean the showers after use, that is the walls and such and it keeps them looking at their best. It only takes a minute or so using the small squeegee so it isn’t any trouble at all. Once I’d had my shower I had some breakfast and finished well before six o’clock. I returned upstairs to dress. I didn’t do much until after lunch, except those exercises and in the afternoon E went to see her mom whilst our son went out for the day. I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. How many of you still own video tapes and players? I’ll wager most will have ceased using them long ago. We stopped using them once DVDs became popular and we started buying DVDs, that is E started buying them for I have little interest in them. Now she doesn’t bother with them either. We don’t have many discs, maybe about 80 and they don’t take up much space. We bought a cabinet, actually a bookcase if you like, and we stored the video tapes in it, some tapes had E’s television programs and films recorded on them and some were commercially produced films (or movies). They numbered well over a hundred though you could say the actual numbers of films recorded were probably more than five hundred. We kept them in that cabinet for years collecting dust. On Sunday evening I set about storing those tapes in two large cardboard boxes and placed them in one of the rooms in the cellar. Now all the recordings that remain in the cabinet are the DVDs and they all fit on the one shelf! There are five shelves. Now on Monday afternoon I decided to move that cabinet to another wall and re-arranged some other furniture and things at the same time. Nothing strenuous I might add and no heavy lifting either! One thing I hate is clutter, I like everything tucked away nicely if it has to remain. E is the complete opposite to me, she seems to revel in untidiness. What do they say about like poles repelling?

Shirley Anne