Slow but sure

Slow, It Goes
Slow, It Goes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is mid-morning on Wednesday as I write down my thoughts. The pain in my back is slowly getting better, sometimes there is no pain at all then suddenly it lets me know I haven’t yet been completely healed. I continue with the exercises though I am beginning to think exercise of any kind at this moment will only serve to slow the healing process. It is a sobering thought to know that we can be incapacitated so easily if we are not careful. Being in a physically active occupation or simply being so active at home should make us more cautious and aware but sometimes we forget and we end up unable to perform even the simplest of tasks whilst healing. Often we don’t realise we have injured ourselves at the time and only realise something is wrong a day or two later. In that space of time between the injury and the realisation of it anything can happen to make things worse. I have just received a call from the guy in whose house I had been working on Thursday last week, the one with the heavy wooden ladder, he was bringing me up to date regarding his ordering of a replacement floodlight. I told him I was for the moment not available, explaining to him about my injury. He was very sympathetic and wished me a speedy recovery. He told me about the specific floodlight he has ordered, a remotely controlled unit and asked if I was able to check it out online. As it happened I had been sitting with my laptop and online when he called so I was able to search the site from which he had placed his order. It isn’t usual for people to ask me to check something online but this guy is practically online and on the telephone all the time in connection with his work. Ever wonder how car manufacturers source their vehicle lighting equipment? He works for a company who designs the lighting requirements and specifically the pricing of components down to the smallest parts for vehicles manufactured by the likes of Nissan and Toyota. Whilst I was there last week I noticed the pressure he was under from his boss to meet scheduled deadlines. I couldn’t work under that kind of pressure though I do work better when I am under pressure in line with my own work.

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Full Steam Ahead Thoughts of escaping life in the slow lane as this steam traction engine heads north out of Pontefract towards the M62. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am available for work even now, should anyone ask, as long as it doesn’t require any form of lifting or moving of heavy objects. As for this guy’s floodlight, it will take a few days to arrive in response to his order and because he himself will be in Belgium until the middle of next week there is no immediate urgency. Hopefully I will be well recovered by the end of this week let alone the end of next week when he hopes I shall be able to accommodate. Such is life. I am planning to dine out today if I get no requests before lunchtime or two o’clock.

Shirley Anne