Switch II
Switch II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there I was at the end of my normal working week (Monday to Friday) on Friday morning and thinking the week would be devoid of any requests for the work that I do. However, around ten o’clock an old customer rang me asking if I was busy and wanting to know if I could do a little job for him. Busy I was not as you know my readers but any work I might take on board would have to be kind to my back which is still healing. I asked what the work entailed and found it wouldn’t affect my back if I did it so off I went to do it. (I am writing this on Friday after lunch and after returning from the job by the way). His shower unit wasn’t working though as he pointed out the neon light indicator was lit. Yes it was lit but it was very dim. Usually they are quite bright. I checked the supply to the shower and discovered a missing neutral. The live side of the circuit was intact. I unscrewed the ceiling pull-switch and found that the neutral side of the switch was at fault, not allowing the neutral circuit to be connected to the shower. I needed a replacement switch. Now I usually keep at least one pull-switch of the type needed in my van but for some reason I found I hadn’t one. I drove to the nearest electrical supplier and bought two, one for the job and the other for van stock. I returned to the house and fitted one of them and all was back to normal except that the new switch could not be switched off! Fortunately I had bought a spare which when fitted worked perfectly. These switches cost me £15 each, a bit on the high side to what I could pay at the supplier I usually use. Had I fitted the good switch first I would not have known the other was faulty. They came sealed in a plastic bag and could not have been checked without opening the bag. My usual supplier supplies them unwrapped so at least the action of the switch can be checked. Naturally I returned the faulty switch but chose not to have it replaced, I took the cash refund instead. The guy behind the counter who had sold me the switches had been singing the praises of the quality goods they sold but on my return he had made himself scarce. I wonder why? He had also asked me if I would like to open an account with them and get all sorts of discounts in the process but I declined the offer. For one thing their goods were more expensive so any savings would only be offsetting that fact. For another thing, I told him I didn’t like the idea of getting a monthly bill (invoice), preferring as I do to pay up-front. I find it is easier to work that way and in any case I am working more or less part-time and don’t buy large quantities of materials. After fitting the replacement pull switch I was asked to change a faulty ceiling light lamp holder which took little time at all. So unless I get more work before the day is out that will be the limit of my involvement at work this week.

Shirley Anne