Then three come along……….

Cylinder vacuum cleaner for home use.
Cylinder vacuum cleaner for home use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘So unless I get more work before the day is out that will be the limit of my involvement at work this week’….., is what I wrote at the end of yesterday’s post. As the next day was Saturday I didn’t expect to be working but around four-thirty on Friday I was asked if I could do a ‘small’ job in a house some twelve miles away. I asked what the nature of the work entailed and according to the guy who spoke with me it wouldn’t take long as all that was required was some connecting of cables and switches. I was told that the electrician who had started the work was now working at the other end of the country. I told him I would be there on Saturday morning. So off I went the following morning to do the work but when I arrived I saw that the work was far too involved and in fact no wiring had been done at all. What I did find was a reconstruction of a bathroom and an adjacent storeroom. It was a mini-building project. It would have taken me most of the day to do the work and I wasn’t prepared to do it. I had been lured there under false pretences. I was given a small fee to cover my expenses. What annoyed me most was the fact that I had explained over the phone that I don’t take on that sort of work now and in fact only work part-time doing small jobs. This was far from being a small job. Thinking about it on the drive home I didn’t believe there had been an electrician working there in the first place, that had been a ruse to get me there. Anyway I got home and then received another call from a young woman who had a faulty shower switch, a pull-cord switch on the ceiling. Remember yesterday’s episode? She lived about eight miles away in another direction. I explained that I first had to purchase a new switch before driving to her house. Like yesterday I bought two, one for her and one for my van stock but this time I went to my usual supplier and got them both for the same price as one of the two I had purchased the day before (read yesterday’s post). Now both of these switches could be checked easily as they come un-packaged and both were OK. However as I was fitting the replacement switch one of the small connecting wires to the neon indicator light broke away from its tab and I had to repair it. I seem to be having problems with pull switches lately. Another thing I found was that all four of the main wires were loose in the faulty switch and were showing signs of burning as a result. It may have been heat which caused the old switch to become faulty. I had the work done in no time and was soon on my way back home again but I stopped at my local pub for a meal first. Yes, I finally got there after days of not being bothered! I was at home relaxing when the phone rang again around three-thirty. It was from an American lady for whom I worked last year and she was telling me that her cooker wasn’t working. I asked if the thing was switched on and she told me there wasn’t a switch nearby (there is always a switch nearby if the circuit has been installed correctly), so I asked her to check the main circuit breakers and she maintained that they were all switched on. I offered to drive the seven miles to check it out. On arriving there I immediately went into the kitchen, looked at the wall switch (that wasn’t there) and switched it on! Job done. Shall we say that she was slightly embarrassed? I returned home after a coffee and a chat but before I left her husband, who was from Greece, told me a little story about how he had been embarrassed a few years ago. He had bought a vacuum cleaner and for a while it worked perfectly but gradually it lost suction and he thought it had developed an air leak so he put some tape around the tube joints and it seemed to improve but finally he had to take it to the repair shop to see what was wrong. The first question he was asked was had he emptied the dust bag to which he replied ‘what dust bag’? You couldn’t make it up could you? As a couple I think they were meant to be together. I spent the early evening watching the FA Cup final on television, no more work till next week.

Shirley Anne