Nice surprise

Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985
Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting with my computer this morning (Monday) waiting for ‘Windows‘ to load up. Most times I leave the computer in sleep mode but occasionally I shut it down altogether. Even though it had been left in sleep mode it was taking some time to open. I see a lot of activity from the little disc monitor LED whilst it is doing the housework but this time I noticed an unfamiliar icon in the start-up tray on the right hand side and it is still there as I write this in the afternoon. When the opportunity arose I clicked on the icon to see what it was. It was an invitation from Microsoft Corp. to download the new version of Windows, that is Windows 10. They plan to make it free for anyone who wants to use it. I followed the instructions on the screen to register my interest by leaving my email. That was stage one. Stage two will take place when the program becomes available. When that will be I am not sure but when it happens the download will be free. Now that is a nice surprise. I learned about this offer from Microsoft some months ago and I was wondering if and when it would happen. It appears they have set the ball rolling so hopefully I shall be using Windows 10 in the near future, presently I am.using Windows 7 which I have found to be one of their better versions and have had no problems with it. I do hope their latest version is as good as they say it is but only time will reveal that though from what reports I have heard it is the best yet by far. About a year ago or more I purchased Windows 8 for E to use on her machine as she was at that time using Windows Vista and was having untold problems with it. Version 8 is a good version I will admit but I was never tempted to buy it for my computer as version 7 has proven to have met all of my needs. Many of the features on version 8 would have been wasted on me. Version 10 evidently has even more features so I am wondering now if I will be tempted to use them. In any case as long as the new version is at least a good as version 7 I will be happy.

Shirley Anne