English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had just eaten my evening meal and was sitting in the lounge having a cup of coffee when I as suddenly overcome with emotion and my eyes were filling with tears. Nothing I could think of had brought on the feelings I was experiencing and soon I was back to my usual self. Before my evening meal I was having a laughing fit after hearing something on the television program called ‘Pointless‘ which I often watch. The contestants in the final round had both given funny answers, one of which was correct but the other wasn’t. They had to fill in the missing letters to reveal the name of a fungi or mushroom. The answer given correctly was ‘Honey Fungus‘ but the incorrect answer was given as ‘Campon Fungus’ which should have been ‘Common Fungus’. The hosts made fun of the answers indicating they would be great stage names for a band. That brought on heaps of laughter from the audience, myself included but I was laughing more at the silliness of the suggestion more than the names being suitable stage names. Once something sets me off laughing it can often keep me giggling for hours! Long after such things I sometimes resume laughing when I am reminded of them. Sometimes I get feelings of melancholy and sadness and at other times I am overcome with joy and neither for any particular reason though I do get feelings of joy and happiness of heart when I think about or a thought crosses my mind regarding my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I just get feelings of well-being and that can bring on the tears too. In many ways I have my feet on solid ground and am not one for being emotional in the normal course of my day but I am easily given over to emotional feelings at the slightest thing. I am a sensitive person, that I admit but I am a practical person too not allowing my emotions to take complete control when action is required. Certain things trigger my emotions, music, compassion, the plight of others in certain situations, many things and any one of them can touch my heart.

Shirley Anne