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A woman wearing sunglasses, taken in a public walkway at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the early years after my transition there was an incident when I became aware that somebody was following me as I went about my business in and around my local village. I took a seat on a nearby bench pretending that I wasn’t aware of the man who was stalking me and because I was wearing sunglasses at the time he had no idea that my eyes were upon him. I sat and watched whilst he walked on by and after a while I casually turned to look down the road to see where he was. I didn’t look directly up the road but looked up and down the other roads at the junction where I was so as not to make my actions obvious. As it happened he was looking in the direction he was walking so I took the opportunity to walk in another direction away from my intended destination, home. It would take me a little longer but better to be safe than sorry. As I approached the road where I live I saw the man in the distance walking toward me. I took out my phone and pretended I was receiving a call. I stood still and ‘chatted’ to my imaginary caller as he walked past in front of me. It was as though I was totally engrossed in my conversation that I hadn’t noticed him and in any case I made it appear that way though I was watching his every move. I continued with my imaginary phone call and watched him cross to the other side of the busy main road and off into the distance. I casually began to walk home but once in the road I raised the pace and was soon indoors. Quite a few minutes later, possibly ten, I saw the man walking up the road appearing to be looking for an address but I think he was still hoping that he would see me. I never saw the man again. I am not in the habit of being followed around though a couple of months ago I mentioned in one of my posts that whilst walking in town I became aware that somebody was paying me more attention than I wanted. He had been walking in the opposite direction and had taken a lingering look at me in passing. As it happened I was wearing sunglasses on that day too and in fact I got sunburned in the process of walking about. The man had tried not to make it obvious that he was following me but I turned around a couple of times and he realised I had noticed him. He stopped following me. Am I that attractive to men?

Shirley Anne


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  1. This really is rather serious. You say that the first time you were stalked was “in the early years after my transition,” so perhaps the man had noticed something unusual about you. I recall that, long before thoughts of my own transition took shape, I spotted a trans woman in a shopping arcade in Oxford. Though I didn’t in any way stalk her, I did watch her with interest as she browsed the shelves in the shop where I was.

    The more recent event is perhaps more serious, and certainly shows how we must all be on our guard. It’s not (yet) happened to me, but I know I’d find it quite frightening if it did. It’s so sad that we have to be cautious in this way, but ’tis better to be safe than sorry.

    So keep alert and keep safe, dear friend.

    Angela x

  2. The first time was as you say but I am not sure about the second as I was wearing sunglasses so much of my face was hidden. Not that I look anything other than female without sunglasses anyway! Perhaps he thought he knew me but wasn’t sure. There would be little he could have done in a busy town centre had he had bad intentions. I do take care whenever I am out alone.

    Shirley Anne

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