How do they cope?

English: Parking meter at Brocolitia Here in t...
Parking meter at Brocolitia Here in the middle of nowhere, a parking meter to extract pennies from visitors to Brocolitia Roman Fort and Mithraeum Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got up early on Monday but only to take a trip into town for a few things. Maybe I would get an electrical job too but that didn’t happen. I wonder why (see previous posts)? When I take a trip into town I sometimes take the van to just somewhere out of the parking meter zone and I have a favourite place to do that, then I walk the rest of the way. I never pay at a meter if I can avoid it, motoring is expensive enough and the walking is of benefit. If I know I won’t be working I sometimes walk all the way there and back. So after a quick breakfast I set off by the back roads but on the way I thought I might call into the doctor’s surgery and see if I could get an appointment. For some time now I have been plagued with an itchy rash on the lower part of my back and I kept promising myself I would get it seen to. I had to pass the surgery to get to where I park up when going to the town centre so I stopped and went in. I was very fortunate to get to see the doctor within fifteen minutes and he prescribed an ointment for the complaint which he said was a simple skin infection. The prescription was sent directly to the chemist by The Internet and I collected it on my return home from my shopping trip an hour later. I buy my toiletries in town as they are far cheaper there but on this trip I wanted also to buy a black cardigan. I bought one that I liked and together with my other purchases returned home via the chemist store. I hadn’t really dressed with the intention of doing any work so I was dressed for going out and socialising. Just before noon E went out somewhere and I decided I might dine out but at a later time in the day. I set off on foot around two-thirty but I ended up walking about aimlessly not being able to decide where to go. In Southport that shouldn’t be a problem as there are hundreds of places, quite literally! After almost two hours of walking about in the sunshine and taking in the scenery I found myself back home without having eaten! I am like that, I go out with all the best intentions then give up on the idea because I couldn’t be bothered! I prepared a very light snack and was satisfied with that even though I’d had very little to eat at breakfast eight hours earlier. I made a cup of tea and sat out on the patio but soon found myself watering some of the plants as they looked desperately in need of it. I carried on until the whole garden had been watered and finally I wanted to fill the watering can that is kept in the large greenhouse but the water supply had been cut off. The hose had separated from the hose connection fixed to the tap (faucet). I replaced it but again it came off. How to affect a repair? In the cellar I have a little storeroom filled with all sorts of tools and materials and I searched for something to use that would make the hose connection usable again. I have a box filled with many neoprene ‘O’ rings and using one I was able to repair the connection. I wondered how other people less practical than myself would have coped. Call in someone to help, go out and buy another connector or just give up? My whole life is geared around fixing things for myself wherever I can when things go wrong and it has saved me a small fortune over the years but it is the satisfaction I feel when I find a solution to a problem and the fact that I am able to fix it. I don’t think E would be able to cope in the same way, in fact I know she wouldn’t but help isn’t far away should she ever need it when I am not here.

Shirley Anne