Hearing things

Taijitu within a frame of trigrams and a demon...
Taijitu within a frame of trigrams and a demon warding mirror, these charms photographed above a window in in a residential area of Harbin Road, are believed to frighten away evil spirits and to protect the dwelling from bad luck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been out in the garden for a while on Monday and E had gone out. It was around one o’clock and I had ideas of dining out sometime later in the afternoon. I ended up not dining out as you will have read in yesterday’s post. As I came into the house through the cellar I could hear quite plainly the muffled  sound of voices above my head and seemingly from the lounge. As I continued to walk across the cellar room I began to think that E was back home but the voice sounded more like that of  our youngest son. All this happened in the space of a few seconds, the time it took to walk across the room. When I opened the door to enter the small hallway in the cellar where the stairway to the upper floor is located the sound of voices disappeared. I still thought E was at home but when I checked it was apparent that she wasn’t. Now it may have been that I was  ‘just hearing things’ as some people might say but the voices sounded so genuine when I heard them. A similar event happened two years ago and I wrote about it in a post. which you can read here https://minkyweasel.com/2013/03/12/spirit-world/ . It is possible that there are roaming spirits in the house but I still have reservations about that. As a Christian I am well aware that houses can be occupied by evil spirits and if I thought that the case I would certainly be seeking help to get rid of them. I certainly wouldn’t be relying upon an artifact nailed to the outside of a window as in the picture shown. I do not think myself to be in any danger though for I believe Jesus Christ is my protection. Nevertheless it is weird to hear things yet not know for certain if the sounds were just in my head or if they came from an unseen force.

Shirley Anne