Broke the mould

The new routine of not getting any work until Thursdays has already been broken this past week but so far Mondays still remain jobless. So I had work to do on both Tuesday and Wednesday and on Wednesday I found myself working for an old lady of 84 years who just kept giving me small tasks until I had all her niggling electrical problems sorted out. The day was gorgeous, bright and sunny and for once quite warm as the wind had died away. Slowly but surely I get used to the uncertainty now regarding my workload, lack of it, too much of it, not what I am prepared to take on board and trying to accommodate all those who ask me for help. Just a minute, hasn’t it been that way for years? Well yes it has and no two days or two weeks are ever the same and that is what makes my work interesting and sometimes entertaining. For one thing nearly every day I am out at work I get to meet someone new, someone I’ve never met before. I suppose I meet hundreds of people every year, most of whom are nice and amiable though not all. I have to be very diplomatic with people for each have their own idiosyncrasies, demands and needs and not all make great coffee or tea! Some don’t make coffee or tea at all and some would have me drink it all day long! 74It is Wednesday afternoon as I write this and I am wondering what to do for the rest of the day. I was back home at noon and cooked myself a light lunch as I hadn’t eaten for six hours and breakfast hadn’t been much. E was out in the rear garden doing some weeding and planting in one of the flower beds and after I had eaten I went out onto the patio for a short while before coming indoors to write this. After breakfast I had been out in the rear garden watering the border plants before the sun had gotten too high. I then went out to work. So you see all my once routine ‘routines’ now no longer are, the mould has truly been broken. Do I like the way things have and are continuously changing? I suppose I do for I know I have no control over some of it.

Shirley Anne