I must be mad

109So there I was on Thursday morning fully dressed, breakfast eaten by seven o’clock and sitting outside on the bench which sits in front of the patio looking out onto the lawn having a cup of coffee in the bright dappled sunshine. I could have chosen to sit up on the patio but chose the lower bench instead. As usual my eyes wonder about and I find myself looking at all sorts of things. Looking down at the edge of the lawn in front of me I thought to myself, ‘I should really cut the grass where it has spread over the concrete paving slabs’. I had mowed the lawn a few days ago but I didn’t trim the edges. Up I got from the bench and went indoors for the keys to both garages where we keep the gardening tools. I wanted an edging tool but we don’t have one, something I must rectify next time I am out shopping, so I picked up the smaller spade, a brush and a shovel and made my way back to where I had been sitting. I started to lift the grass to see how far it had grown over the path and discovered it was about four inches (100 mm)! I began to use the spade to dig into the grass as I would do with an edging tool and after I had done about two metres I then started to remove the excess grass by hand. I had the green waste wheelie bin to put the grass into as I moved along. I ended up doing the whole lawn edging. That must be around forty metres or more and it took me about three and a half hours to do it.108 You can see the approximate size of the lawn in these two old photographs taken a few years ago. Actually, now I look at them it was only the one below which was taken a couple of years ago, the one above was taken last Winter. Both were taken from my bedroom window so the nearest one third of the lawn cannot be seen. When I started the weather was quite cool but by the time I had finished it was quite hot. I was indoors around eleven-thirty and had the quiet sit down I should have had earlier. After a light lunch I watched a little television and E went out to do the weekly shopping but no sooner had she left the house when I decided to go for a walk for something to do. I strolled toward the beach but dropped in to the pub for a soft drink first and then I found myself walking along the grassland that is between the sand dunes and the beach itself before turning back homeward. Again I sat out in the rear garden but now I was on the patio with an ice cream on a stick as a treat but once I had finished it I got out the hose and watered the whole garden, lawn included. I can’t sit still for a minute can I?

Shirley Anne.