No time for larking about

I went to bed early on Thursday evening, something I have been doing a lot lately. I was a little tired anyway, partly because of the gardening I had done in the morning, partly because I went out for a walk in the heat of the day and partly because after all I am getting on in years! I was feeling the effects of that work when I arose, my muscles still ached a bit. I had a purpose in retiring early as Friday is one of our waste collection days and I also wanted to water the garden before the day got too warm. I don’t like to leave the wheelie bin and small plastic bin out all night for a couple of reasons, one is that others have placed their unsorted waste in our bin during the night, another is if it is the plastic and cardboard waste bin it is so light in weight even when full it can be blown about in the wind. This Friday it was that bin to be emptied though there was little or no wind at all. The green waste is taken on Mondays. So after placing out the bins I began watering the garden and then I noticed that the light fitting on the patio wall facing the lawn was broken. The lens cover was lying on the floor and the fixing screw holes had separated from the lens. It couldn’t be repaired. We had trouble with this particular light unit a few months ago when we discovered water had leaked inside. At the time I made a temporary repair and I suppose I must have overtightened the lens fixing screws which subsequently fractured the lens because of the heat of the sun66. You can see the light just to the right of the bench in the picture. This was the bench I had been sitting on the day before when I decided to get up and trim the lawn edging. This picture was taken not long after we had the coloured flagstones laid a couple of years ago. After Thursday’s work it looks the same now. When I had finished watering the garden I went indoors and had my breakfast. It was still only six-fifteen! My electrical supplier opens up for business at seven-thirty and I went there just after that time and bought a replacement light and some other items for my van stock. On returning home at eight o’clock I immediately set about changing the light and had it done by nine. One thing I noticed was the new lens cover didn’t seat properly when I fitted it and I had to use some sealant to effect a watertight seal. I suppose I could have taken the unit back but it had been drilled and fitted to the wall and had been sealed with silicon. I suppose we can expect things like this occasionally with mass-produced equipment costing very little to buy. There are six of these lights in our garden and this one was the only one with a problem. I might go mad and change them all for a different type one day but for the time being they will remain.

Shirley Anne