I know I can

sea-wall-14Nothing much was going on. It was Saturday and we were supposed to be getting some rain but it didn’t materialise. I had gotten up very early again but that is to be expected when going to bed early too. I was actually in bed at nine o’clock, I had nothing to stay up for and I was a little tired anyway. I must have dropped off around nine-thirty, the last time I remember looking at the clock. The sun was already up and shining when I got out of bed. I stripped off the bedclothes and remade the bed with fresh linen, popped into the main bathroom for a towel then went downstairs to have a shower in the wet room, my preferred shower but before doing so I put the clothes in the washing machine. Once showered I returned to my bedroom to get dressed for the day and then went downstairs for breakfast. However, as the expected rain didn’t come I decided to again water the garden before breakfast. Apart from taking down the previous day’s washing from the lines in the cellar and hanging the now washed bedclothes nothing much happened until lunchtime except I went out on the patio for an hour with my guitar. E got up late, had a shower then disappeared whilst I was having lunch and I was left in the house alone but I also decided to go out after I had eaten. I went for a walk down to the beach and along the sea front returning along the promenade. I watched a couple of young families testing their abilities, or lack of, on the various pieces of gymnasium equipment dotted along the walkway. The promenade in Southport runs parallel to the sea front but a few hundred metres inland and is shown on the right. prom6 The afternoon was warm and ‘muggy’, that is the humidity was high, though a nice breeze was blowing from the south. My tired legs don’t like walking when it is warm and humid and guess what? Neither do I but I know I can walk much farther when it is cool. I had walked a mere three miles and was glad to get back home. I just felt drained and that is one of the reasons I don’t like warm weather when it is coupled with high humidity. Give me Autumn days anytime. E was back home when I returned and was having a late lunch but she went out again later for a while. I stayed at home.

Shirley Anne