Something to look forward to

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When I was little I had many things to look forward to, going to school, and even better, coming home again. I didn’t much like school from about the age of twelve for I was constantly bullied. I lacked the ability to fight back because I was timid by nature and far too sensitive. I looked forward to holidays and dreaded the beginning of term. Once I left school I could look forward to college and work and the freedom they gave me. Like anyone else I looked forward to the possibility of a decent future and in my own way concentrated on that but my ambitions were limited and I had no real plans for adult life. I had grown up to be quite an anti-social person and I wouldn’t do the things most of my peers would do but eventually I drifted into conformity. Deep in my heart I wanted something different but never seemed to make any strong effort to make it happen. My desires in that direction were not fulfilled until thirteen years ago but you can read about that in my pages above. I enjoyed having personal possessions, house, car (or van now) and everyday items to make life easier though in fact none of these things ever gave me any lasting pleasure. Most of these things have simply become a part of  life’s routine, they are taken for granted and little consideration is given to any of them until something goes wrong or we wish to replace them with something we might consider an improvement, like the latest phone. We are never satisfied it seems and we chase after the things which don’t really matter. In fact our lives wouldn’t change much if we didn’t have many of the possessions we own. Take the modern telephone for instance, does it really make any difference to own the latest model? It may make our lives a little easier but it won’t change our future or destiny in the slightest, we will get to where we are going with or without any of our possessions. So what is there really to look forward to? In the flesh….death, decay and a return to the dust from which we came but we all know that don’t we? There is still a future for us because we live on after death. You may say ‘well how does she know’? Forgetting for a moment anything to do with a Creator God or the truth of His existence think about who you really are. Is your consciousness dependent upon what you are physically made of? I doubt it for if it were, and we are all made of the same stuff, we would all be the same…..but we are not, we are all very different. We are different because we are spirit. We just happen to dwell in the material world and live in a body made of flesh. That flesh is doomed to perish by design and there is nothing we can do about it but our spirit is something else. In Scripture God tells us that our flesh dies but our spirit returns to Him. That is something many don’t wish to believe yet many do believe in the spirit world. It is something to look forward to if you are a believer in God but it may not be something to look forward to if you don’t! Either way though it will happen. You can hide yourself away in this material world, bury your head in the sand, never think about such things but none of that matters. You have a destiny one way or the other. Step out in faith, put your trust in Jesus Christ and have something really worthwhile to look forward to. Once I made that decision some 26 years ago I realised that placing my hope and desires in material things left me with nothing to look forward to. Now I have Jesus there is everything to look forward to.

Shirley Anne