Time for a stroll

English: Shore Stroll
Shore Stroll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just to buck the trend that has just been bucked (lol) I had some work to do on Monday for a change but none on Tuesday so I had some free time on my hands. I was up and about around five-thirty¬† which is becoming something of a normal routine, getting up early I mean and I had showered and dressed well before six-thirty. I had a small breakfast and then went into the garden to water the plants. E was still in the land of Nod and didn’t come downstairs until just before nine. I had been sitting with my computer for over an hour wondering why nothing I did actually opened a program. It was going through one of those frustrating routines downloading updates and carrying out some housekeeping. I have a feeling my machine does this simply to annoy me. So it was that after an hour and a half I finally managed to get something to work. I really hate computers. Late in the morning I decided to mow the lawn, not that it desperately needed it but nevertheless keeping the grass down makes it easier to mow the next time. Usually the collecting box gets emptied twice when I mow the lawn but this time I managed to only have to empty it once. Just as I had finished E came downstairs dressed to go out again, this time with her sister who came to collect her. I wasn’t going to be left alone in the house yet again so I put on some shoes and went for a stroll to the pub. I was already suitably dressed for going out as I knew I wouldn’t be working. I decided to treat myself to the full works as it were. The food there is absolutely the best. After my meal I went for a leisurely stroll down ‘Rotten Row‘ (the Southport version) which is just around the corner from the pub and took my time to admire the border plants along the route. Rotten Row runs alongside the park in which Southport holds its annual flower show in August and the plants in the borders are usually at their best at the same time as the show. There are plants of all descriptions in the full borders and they make the walk really pleasurable. The road itself is about a half-mile long and finally leads to the rear of the local supermarket at the south end of the town centre. I carried on with my stroll along The Promenade for a short distance before turning toward the beach. I walked on the beach side of the sea wall until I reached the road on which the pub is located. I had to make a visit to the ladies room before continuing on homeward so I popped back into the pub. I had been back in the house for a very short time when E returned also. I am supposing she went for a meal too though she didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask.

Shirley Anne