A grinding halt

Grinding the sparks
Grinding the sparks (or wearing down the electrician lol)

Some days are very interesting and some are just plain boring. Some are filled with things to do and others are not. Wednesday was one of those days, empty and void with nothing to do. It didn’t even get off to a bright start either, the weather was a bit dismal and it rained for part of the time. It was appreciably cooler than the previous few days but that much I didn’t mind as I like it cooler. However the sun didn’t put in an appearance which made it rather dull. I was grateful that it had rained as it meant I didn’t have to water the garden plants though on reflection it would have given me something to do. I had no electrical work scheduled either though someone did ask me how much I would charge to connect their cooker. Having given them a reduced price to what I might normally charge they said they would call back. I always know that when people say they will call back they never do. It seems they wanted the job doing for buttons. Well not from this girl they won’t. I am not desperate for work but it does give me something to do. I did a little more reading than I normally do but aside from that the day was boring. I could have gone out for a walk and perhaps I should have done so but for some reason the thought never crossed my mind! Had my mom still been alive she would probably have told me that I could expect the day to be dull and boring as it was a Wednesday. She had this thing about Wednesdays I think. Maybe it could have had something to do with me being born on a Wednesday morning! Thanks mom. She might have been right. I hate days in which I have nothing to do but saying that I can’t blame anyone but myself. Usually if I have no work scheduled or no offers in the morning I will find something to do or go out somewhere. Maybe I should just go out somewhere and forget all about work every day. No, that’s not me but for the time being everything has come to a grinding halt.

Shirley Anne