Potted plants for thanks

Potted plants, S2006
Potted plants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Thursday evening I was about to make myself a snack, just a sandwich for I had already eaten a large meal earlier in the day. The doorbell rang and I had to answer the door because E, though at home was unable to. I was a little surprised to see my new neighbour from across the street standing there with her two small children. She apologised for the intrusion but asked in a knowing way if I was an electrical engineer. I had mentioned that I was an electrician when I paid her a visit not long after she and her family moved in last year. I guess she remembered something about what I had said. She asked if I could help with a problem and I replied by asking her to give me two minutes and I would follow on after her. She had been preparing their evening meal and her cooker had tripped out the supply which affected other circuits and she had been unable to reset the controls. Essentially there were two ‘trip switches’ (RCDs) controlling the circuits and they were in conflict. A small distribution panel in the cellar (basement) supplying a number of circuits was affected and this was the panel to which the cooker circuit was wired. The house’s main panel was unaffected. I reset the controls and all was fine but I gave my neighbour advice as to why the cooker had tripped the supply and what should be done to prevent it happening again. Essentially the cooker circuit needs to be separated from the panel and placed on a dedicated panel whilst one of the two RCDs supplying the small panel should be removed and replaced with a normal switch. If she asked me to do the work I would oblige. For the time being I advised her to leave the system as it is. It isn’t dangerous but simply a nuisance if  the problem persists. I returned home to prepare my snack and thought no more about it. The following day, Friday, I was away from home for several hours working but on my return I discovered a small potted plant with flowers in full bloom was sitting on the coffee table. There wasn’t a message with it and E wasn’t there to tell me who had left it but I am supposing it was my neighbour. She had offered me payment for my services and I refused payment of any kind. I had done very little and certainly nothing worth paying for. My next-door gave me a potted plant too after I had done a very small job for her without payment. I don’t want paying for doing the neighbourly thing but I suppose it is just their way of saying thank-you. It is nice to be appreciated though I have to confess.

Shirley Anne