Just had to get out

...And We Drive
…And We Drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Thursday I got up very early, around five-twenty and by six forty-five I had a shower, got dressed, had breakfast and had hung up the washing I had placed in the machine before my shower. I had an idea I might get some electrical work but none came in during the day. Around eight-thirty I was out in the garden drinking coffee and playing my guitar on what I call my favourite bench in front of the patio. It more or less faces eastward and the sun in the morning, though at that time the sun is hidden behind the large trees growing at the end of the garden. I was bored, not because I was playing the guitar, no that relieves the boredom but having nothing else to do. I struggled toward noon and at that time E had decided to go out. I found out later that she had gone to see her mom but only by chance as I drove past her mom’s house some time later and saw her car on the drive. I had decided to go for a drive, nowhere in particular but it was a nice day, only one of two we expected all week. I like driving but I seldom just go out simply for a drive. I drove out with no idea of where I would go, I just drove. I realised I would pass by E’s mom’s house after driving along the route I had taken but it didn’t matter. I drove around for an hour and surprisingly there was very little traffic about, just one or two idiots who flaunt the rules. The video starts about half-way through my little excursion and shows about one quarter of it. Oh and by the way it isn’t the year 2046 as the video timer indicates. I haven’t been able to reset the time on the camera not thinking it needed doing until now. That’s a job for another day. One guy in a large van looked very impatient as he drove behind me for a couple of miles not being able to overtake. Finally he did overtake but drove over hash markings to do so at about 84 seconds into this video.

The hash markings show hazardous areas where overtaking is forbidden, at road junctions for instance but it made no difference to him, he simply ignored them. I kept to the local speed limit and was still in a 30 mph zone when he overtook as you can see at speed. Soon after I was in a 40 mph zone and about two miles ahead pulled up behind him as he was stopped in a small queue of traffic at a junction controlled by lights. He need not have driven so carelessly and aggressively, he had gained nothing from it and he might have placed others in danger instead. I had reached the point in my pointless journey where I wanted to turn homeward and so I did. For those who are interested the video starts just before I reach Rufford on the A59 having driven through Halsall, Ormskirk and Burscough. I continue through Rufford until I reach Tarleton at the A565 junction, through Tarleton and on through to Hesketh Bank where the video ends. It was after one o’clock when I got back home and I prepared lunch. E evidently hadn’t stayed out long herself as the gates to her garage drive were closed as I arrived back.

Shirley Anne