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Walking down from Oliver’s Point A sunny Sunday afternoon ramble around Nesscliffe Country Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been out walking a lot lately and seem to be doing it at every opportunity I get. I hate being in the house if I have nothing to do there and I haven’t been busy in that department for some time now. I went out walking both on Saturday and Sunday, in fact twice on Sunday as both days were warm, even hot and sunny. On the way home from my second walk on Sunday I dropped into the pub for a cold drink, staying inside as I normally do, especially if it is hot and sunny outside. I don’t like sitting out in the sun as many others do and if I do I keep my back to it. I have no choice when walking about so I try to keep myself covered as much as possible. That however has its drawbacks for if I am covered I get uncomfortably warm. As it was late in the afternoon when I walked into the pub there were plenty of spare seats inside but that was probably due to the fact that many sat outside in the sunshine. I sat alone but not for long as one of my ‘friends’ came in with his mate and came over to chat with me. I might need his services later in the year if my plans work out. I want a bedroom completely renovating and as he is into that work I asked if he would be interested. The room presently is full of junk to be perfectly honest and hasn’t been used as a bedroom for years, in fact E and I used the room to work in whilst we were renovating the bathroom last year. It was a handy place to cut timber and other things rather than having to use the cellar two floors down! The room has unused furniture in it as well as numerous items belonging to my sons and it all needs clearing out. The carpet needs replacing and new furniture has to be purchased. All that work is for later in the year when the weather is cooler and I can put aside the funds to make it happen. I could do the decorating myself but I don’t want to burden myself with too much work now. I will do what I can of course and I know there will be electrical work involved too. In the meantime I am enjoying my walks whenever and as long as I can fit them in.

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